aerial photography

Many times you need to get the BIG PICTURE and there's no better way to do so than a crisp clean, high-resolution aerial photograph. Aerial photography is accomplished with the assistance of a fixed-wing aircraft, or helicopter, and professional pilot.

Mike Mihalo Photography provides professional aerial photography services to businesses and home owners throughout the Central PA and surrounding Tri-State area.

In architecture and design, you may want to use aerial photographs to see a bird's eye view of a site before and/or after. As a real estate professional you may want to use the appealing and selling nature of an oblique aerial photo. A developer or construction business may want to use Aerial Photographs to monitor construction progress, or use photos for marketing purposes.

Aerial photographs of an accident, or a dispute over property will give an attorney another tool to convey their best argument.

Some other uses for Aerial Photography:

• Construction Progress

• Commercial Real Estate

• Appraisers

• Land Developers and Builders

• Site Evaluation



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